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protection, and ease of use


Accordian Shutters
 Engineered to meet the most stringent wind codes

If you looking for the best combination of affordability, protection, and ease-of-use, our Accordion Hurricane Shutters are the right solution for your home or business. They offer durable life-time protection and are proven to increase the market value of your home or business.




    Accordion Shutters Provide Maximum
    Protection Against Storms, High-Winds, and Forcible Entry

    Outer Banks Accordian Shutters


    Durable Lifetime Protection

    Our Accordion Hurricane Shutters are not only perfect for windows and doors, but also for securing patios, balconies, terraces, and storefronts, which have large expanses. They are attractive and easy to operate, and can be installed in any length because they do not require reinforcement with vertical braces or supports.

    Accordian Shutters OBX

    Maximum Protection

    Easy To Operate

    Our accordion shutters are constructed from high strength, extruded aluminum components. Once closed, your locked shutters will protect you against high winds, flying debris and even against forced entry. Every accordion shutter that leaves our factory is highly resistant to salt water corrosion. Our stainless steel connecting bolts are twice the width of our competitors’ and are coated with HV Dacroshield that has been salt water tested for 1,500 hours.

    Outer Banks Accordian Hurricane Storm Shutters

     Lock Securely

    Low Cost Solution

    Accordion shutters are an excellent, low cost solution for securing doors, windows, patios, balconies, terraces or any openings which have large expanses of windows or glass doors. This premier shuttering system offers rapid worry free protection. Our accordion shutter system can be used on virtually any type of opening.

    Accordion Shutters Lower Costs As Much As 5-10%

    Our accordion shutter allows you to fit every standard window size without waste or extra materials. The appearance is improved by the consistency of the correlation between the standard window openings and the shutters.

    Each and every standard window opening will have the same uniform appearance. This will reduce wasted materials per unit as much as 5-10%. Our accordion shutters stack in about 30% less space than most systems and utilize a low profile center mate. This reduction in materials can lower the cost per unit as much as 5-10%.

    Accordion shutters are used in residential and commercial buildings

    Accordion shutters are made up of interconnected panels that can be opened and closed by sliding one panel over another. These shutters have many benefits, such as being energy-efficient, easy to clean and simple to maintain. Shutter Blinds Accordion shutters are a type of window covering that can be used on exterior windows to keep the sun out and make the home cooler. They work by using two panels connected by a hinge, which is usually situated at the top of one panel. The panels can then be opened up to cover the window and then closed in order to provide shade during hot summer days. One advantage accordion shutters have is that they are easy to take down and put up quickly, so if someone needs access to an interior room for any reason it doesn’t take long for them to open or close them.

    These shutters are made of accordion-style panels, which means they can be opened and closed as needed. The panels are usually made of wood or aluminum with a vinyl covering. They’re not only convenient for those who will use them often, but also for those who have the occasional need to cover their windows. They may cost more than other types of shutters, but they last much longer; in addition to that they often provide better insulation against the sun’s heat or cold rays.

    Accordion shutters are a type of window coverings that roll up into the top of the window

    They are typically made of aluminum or vinyl and can be opened by pushing on the top or pulled down from the bottom. They provide protection for windows in a variety of homes, especially those located in hurricane-prone areas. The most important feature of accordion shutters is that they protect windows from hurricanes and other natural disasters like tornadoes because they will not break during a storm. The frames come with safety locks to ensure that they stay closed during an emergency, so it is important to make sure these locks are tightened before installing them.

    Accordion shutters are one way homeowners can protect their property in hurricane-prone areas while still letting light in through their windows because they let light pass through their slats without blocking it completely as curtains would do. However, this quality also makes them susceptible to damage if exposed to strong winds which could easily lift them off the window frame and cause them to break apart due to high pressure forces exerted on them while being

    Accordion shutters have a few advantages over other types of window covering. They have a number of panels that can be folded in and out from the frame without having to remove them from the frame. These panels can then be secured shut. There is a variety for every type of budget and need, including steel accordion shutters for heavy duty environments like warehouses or factories, as well as vinyl accordion shutters for residential use. Accordion Shutters are a type of window shutter that is typically made up of aluminum or steel with a number of panels that can fold in and out from the frame without having to take them off the frame itself. They are available in different varieties depending on the needs, including steel ones for heavy duty environments like warehouses or factories and vinyl ones for residential use.

    Accordion shutters are a type of shutter that folds and rolls in accordion-style when open. They are made from aluminum, vinyl or wood slats, with the most common and durable material being aluminum. They are sometimes used as exterior protection for windows that might be vulnerable to strong winds. Accordion shutters offer protection against high wind speeds and can withstand a lot more pressure than other types of window coverings because they give off less force when swung open or closed. Accordion shutters are a type of shutter that fold and roll in accordion style when open. These can also be made from aluminum, vinyl or wood slats, with the most common material being aluminum. They provide exterior protection for windows which might be vulnerable to strong winds due to high wind speeds that cannot enter through this type of shutter because it gives off less force when swung open or closed which is good for the window’s stability. This type of shutter offers great protection against severe storms like hurricanes by keeping them out because it prevents damage from extreme weather conditions. The accordion shutters need very little maintenance such as cleaning periodically with soapy water and air drying them afterwards, so they do not corrode over time.

    A common type of window covering accordion shutters are often a popular choice for homeowners because they create an attractive and distinctive look. Accordion shutters can be made from a variety of materials, including wood or aluminum and come in many different colors. Commonly used to protect the interior of buildings from ultraviolet rays or extreme sunlight, these versatile window coverings also provide protection against both heat and cold. Accordion shutters also offer many benefits like noise reduction as well as insulation from temperature extremes! The popularity of accordion shutters has caused them to be one of the most widely sold types in North America. In recent years, many building codes have changed requiring homes to have at least one opening that is covered by protective window coverings like accordion shutters whenever it is possible for them to be installed on windows that face the sun during peak hours (10 am-4pm).

    The accordion shutters are used to protect the inside of a home from the outside elements. They allow you to close off a section of your home, protecting it from rain and sun, for example, without having to go all the way inside. They are often made of aluminum so they can be easily rolled up or down depending on need. A benefit with accordion shutters is that you can choose how much protection you want for your house based on how many shutters you use. You might only want one shutter closed if it’s a mild day out and leave them open if there is rain coming in. The choice is yours!

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